STEAM Magazine

"Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics....the foundations of industry and commerce world wide.

STEAM education is based on the foundations or S.T.E.M. with the addition of the Arts (A), or the creative aspects of every career field. In some regions of the world, the "A" represents agriculture and the inclusion of that industry into the STEM equation.

No matter what career field a person chooses, there is always a creative aspect to it, from plumber to aerospace engineer. Some consider creativity to be the glue that holds STEM together making STEAM a comprehensive acronym to address the skill sets necessary to excel in a variety of traditional and non-traditional STEM and STEAM careers.

The future of American and Global economics rests on the success of our creative minds in conjunction with S.T.E.M. skills to innovate, develop, and solve problems inherent in every career challenge.

Wayne Carley